Forrest Workshops

Forrest Workshops is a tailored workshop service designed for organisations, teams, and individuals.
Custom-built for each client’s situation, staff, timeframes, budgets and overarching goals, Forrest Workshops don’t lose sight of the “Woods” for the “Trees”.


Big picture pieces. Purpose. Vision. Values. Strategic Priorities. Dominant market forces. 35,000 feet things. BHAGs.


Details. Action plans. Owners. Drivers. Dates. Next steps. “Dirt” stuff. Turning thinking into doing.
All Forrest Workshops include pre-workshop communications, post-workshop follow-ups and a where-to-now summary and recommendations report.


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Troy Forrest

Managing Director and facilitator of Forrest Workshops, Troy has developed and facilitated over 1,000 workshops in his 12 years as a business consultant.
His specialty areas include sales, marketing, leadership, customer service, communication, business planning and strategic planning. 
He coaches leaders, business owners and growth drivers.
Troy holds tertiary qualifications in Pharmacology, Physiology and Business Management.
He is based in Adelaide and travels extensively to support clients around Australia and abroad.

Our Values

Why we are different!

Our broad cross-industry experience, our deep-diving analysis of your goals & situation, and our long-term commitment to facilitating and supporting your progress and goal attainment.
Forrest Workshops are committed to embodying five core values:

smart     effective     hard-working

generous     creative


What our clients say!


Forrest Workshops

Popular workshops

Popular workshops

While every Forrest Workshop is unique and tailored to each client’s requirements, some more common workshop frameworks and topics Troy runs include;

Purpose, Vision and Values
Strategy development, deployment and calibration
Business planning for sales professionals
Key account planning and management
Effective communication
Leading a high-performance culture
Customer service and experience creation
Effective events and meetings
Innovating with your stakeholder swarm

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Custom-built workshops

Custom-built workshops

Forrest Workshops can be built from scratch to suit your unique business, industry, circumstances, goals and participants.

From team-building conversations to cross-pollinating and co-operative sessions for functionally disparate groups, to behavioural adjustment & support sessions, there are few scenarios the Forrest Workshops team haven’t encountered.

And if Troy’s expertise and experience doesn’t extend to the type of workshop you want and need, he will help you find the right partner through the extensive Strategy Road network.

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Workshops for One

Workshops for One

Support for your success beyond 2020...
Tailored, one-on-one coaching, mentoring and collaboration programs for professionals serious about career growth.
Working one-on-one with Troy, you’ll be challenged and supported to;

Set clear, honest and personally resonant goals for your career or business
Critically assess your strengths, soft spots and value proposition
Develop & deploy clear & honest action plans
Collaborate to create fresh ideas, innovations and differentiating practices
Hold your line, adjust your sails, enjoy the travel
Pay it forward in your team, market or community

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Workshop topics


Develop or refresh you strategic plan, calibrated for evolving conditions, and your Purpose, Vision & Values


Elevate the skills, practices and eyeline of your current and future leaders


Refocus your team for the changing market landscape, and sharpen their planning & execution skills


Bring a cross-borders team together to assess, imagine and craft new plans for meaningful differentiation

Key Accounts

Create and deploy key account management plans for scaled-up sales and client growth


Evolve and nurture a culture of individual, team and organisational wellbeing in all its dimensions


Build, implement and govern a communications standard covering all modalities and scenarios


Develop the right, aligned messages for your sales, marketing and internal communications


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Forrest Workshops

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